Charlotte Palumbo

Alfriston is an incredible place to work, as soon as I started I felt at home. I love the enthusiasm in which we all share in order to help create independence for our students. I feel that the opportunities in which we provide for the girls are remarkable with regards to promoting self-esteem and self-worth. My role as a teaching assistant here is incredibly rewarding and I absolutely love it, to me it is not a job but arriving at school every day to do something that I love. Alfriston is a very unique school like no other and I feel that many people that start working here very rarely leave, proving just how lucky we all are to be part of an incredible team. The fact that we work as a team is so important for both staff and the girls, I feel we do this well and this shows through our great achievements. We are always working on our school to improve it and make it better. The girls are offered many extra skills such as work experience, college courses and D of E that they can gain experience from in order to prepare themselves for the outside world and this is very beneficial for our girls. The continual professional development provided is very supporting and I can’t thank the school enough for providing me with such great opportunities. I am now on my way to graduating from a degree and working my way towards qualified teaching status.