School Council News

School Council News

School Council have been busy this term with many activities. Our first was International Women’s Day where the students learned about Emily Davidson, Katherine Johnson, Mary Earps and the fourth activity was glow in the dark football as it was also the Girls Can Play initiative. The school was buzzing with excitement, and they all learned a lot whilst having fun.

On Comic Relief, the pupils were invited to come in dressed as a teacher. They all looked amazing. It was lovely to see so many of them take the time to copy their teachers to the T. We raised £88 for the charity which will help them immensely.

Today we judged the Decorate your door competition. The doors were all decorated for Spring and they all looked fabulous. However, there must be a winner. The winners:

  1. 8LD with their interactive door! What a great way to get the class involved!
  2. 9S with their door incorporating Growth, showing what Spring is about.
  3. 12B with their amazing handmade flowers.

From left to right: 8LD, 9S, and 12B. Everyone did so well. The school was brilliantly decorated.

There will be more School Council activities next term, so please do look out for them. Thank you for your support in all our activities. Have a lovely Easter.

Mrs. Bentley and the School Council.