Upgrades to Alfriston School Site

Upgrades to the Alfriston School Site

Throughout the busy term the school site has undergone many developments to enhance the building and surrounding features. The main buildings have had energy improvements to increase the efficiency of the heating and been re-decorated inside and out. You may have also noticed the new black gates that were installed from the start of term to improve security measures to the whole school site.

We also received an exciting delivery at the start of term – a new minibus! This has led to further trips and outings in the community, increasing the number of opportunities we can offer to the pupils to build on their Learning for Living skills outside of school.

There is also a new dedicated bike shed near Forest School to store all the bicycles in, so we can continue to care, maintain, and use the bikes for PE lessons all year round.

In the Art department, the pupils have benefited from new cameras which have been used for small group projects and film-making in school. The older pupils have also been using them in their block groups to improve their photography skills and create fantastic art work, as showcased in the Art Exhibition earlier this term.

And finally, our stunning pool has had major improvements with a new pool surround fitted over the summer.