A Magical End-of-Term Narnia-Themed Tea Party with Mr. Fox’s Year 10 English Class! 

A Magical End-of-Term Narnia-Themed Tea Party with Mr. Fox’s Year 10 English Class! 

As the end of the term approaches, we wanted to ensure that our Year 10 students had a memorable and educational experience. In Mr. Fox’s English class, they delved into the captivating world of “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. To celebrate their journey through the enchanting story, the class organized a spectacular Narnia-themed tea party. It was a delightful occasion filled with literature, treats, and insightful discussions. 

The Narnia-themed tea party evoking a sense of enchantment and wonder.

At the heart of the tea party was a delicious spread reminiscent of Narnia. Our students sipped on steaming hot chocolate, just like the characters in the book. They indulged in the mouthwatering treat of Turkish delight, the very same delicacy that tempted the character of Edmund. It was an opportunity for them to experience a small taste of the story and engage in meaningful discussions about its themes and characters.

During the tea party, students gathered in small groups to discuss the intriguing question: “Why did the character of Edmund betray his siblings in the story for the delicious Turkish delight?” It was a thought-provoking conversation that allowed them to analyse Edmund’s motivations, examine the consequences of his actions, and reflect on the complexities of human nature. These discussions not only developed their critical thinking skills but also fostered empathy and understanding.

The Narnia-themed tea party provided our Year 10 students with a unique and enjoyable way to conclude their English unit. It was a celebration of their literary exploration, encouraging them to dive deeper into the story and engage with its themes on a personal level. We are proud of their enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity.