Year 9 Avon Tyrrell New Forest 2022

Year 9 Avon Tyrrell New Forest 2022

Our trip to Avon Tyrrell was fun, challenging and very rewarding. It was scary to spend the week away from our friends and family, with just a few teachers for company.

We had some highlights of the week including, an amazing disco where we dance all night. Indulging in face masks and popcorn whilst watching a movie on the last night.

Making it to the top of the Rock Climbing wall before pretending to be Mary Poppins on the way back down.

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Not only having the courage to kayak and paddle our own hand crafted rafts on the lake but also being brave enough to jump in (if we wanted to) at the end.

The High Ropes were a bit of a challenge, as we got higher and higher into the trees.

The night walk was scary as it was our first activity and we didn’t have a clue what the centre looked like.

We also found sharing facilities and keeping things tidy a little tricky.

Even though we were pushed to our limits and scared at times, we have definitely gained more confidence, had fun and our proud of what we achieved whilst being away from home for the week.