Post 16 Volunteering

On a Wednesday afternoon as part of community engagement, a small group of us volunteer at a nursery called Little Cherubs.

We have to support their routine of how they go through their day.

At 2 o’clock they come out from their afternoon nap and do some play time before they get ready for their snack. When they have their snack, they have a bit of fruit or a breadstick with some water or milk.

Once they have their snack, they get their coats and shoes and put them on, so we help them with that. After they have got ready, we head outside to go and play with them in their garden. Around quarter to three we have to go back to school, so we say goodbye to the children until we see them again. It is really helping us to understand working with children and how to behave in the work place.

Written by Hollie in Post 16