BCA College Link Course

A group of students have been visiting BCA collage on a Fridays for their college link course. We have been getting used to college environment and doing lots of activities. 

What have we been doing?

During our BCA link course, we have been doing animal care. The animal care entails cleaning out the enclosures, feeding the animals and doing regular heath checks. Some of the animals we’ve been studying are Turkeys, Sheep, Pigs, Ferrets and Reptiles to name a few. One student was brave enough to sit in the turkey encloser and let them come up close to her. Soon we will be starting floristry.

What have we learnt?  

We have learnt our way around college and to be independent. We have also been learning how to use money and getting confident at buying our lunch in the canteen. We have learnt about all the different animals they have at the college and what type of food to feed them. I enjoyed learning about the different types of Reptiles. Did you know snakes shed their skin to keep clean?  We’ve gained lots of independence and knowledge during our studies.

I have enjoyed doing the BCA link course. My favorite part was feeding the snakes dead rats and mice. It was fun seeing them bite their prey and wrapping themselves round it. I found it very interesting seeing how snakes eat their food. I would definitely recommend visiting BCA if you’re interested in learning about animals.  

Written by Amber in Post 16