Prom 2021

Prom 2021

The girls all had a fantastic time at Prom this year, with dinner and an awards ceremony followed by an evening of dancing.

Here are some of the girls experiences:

On Friday 2nd of July, we had prom. We had a whole day to get ready and we arrived at school at 7. Then we had loads of pictures with our friends. We went into the hall to have dinner then we sat down to have the rewards. After that we went into the performance space where we had a disco then we went outside to have a picture. We went back in the hall for the last song then we went outside to collect our things. Me and my friends walked up to our parents to collect us. I had a fabulous time with all my friends. 

By Grace 

Year 11 and Post 16 had a prom on the 2/7/2021. We were all dressed up and everyone looked amazing even the teachers. I was wearing a black dress with knee-high heeled boots that were black and my makeup was not over the top. I had my hair cut and my nails done for the prom. We arrived there at 7pm and everyone was there. We all went on the red carpet and the parents were taking a lot of pictures even the teachers. We got to choose our tables and it had our names on it where we sat, and it had food in boxes on the table. There was a slideshow of us from years ago and it had some of the leavers on there. Mrs. Younge was handing out certificates to some people. Before we did that we got to choose our own ice cream sundae and it tasted amazing! People were taking pictures and we just had a blast! We  just all had the time of our lives. We had such good songs to dance to, played by DJ Hines, then the parents came at 9:30 to pick us up. My feet were really hurting so I could not walk! It was a great night that I will never forget! 

by Chelsey

Everyone looked fabulous!