Mrs Kendal is Retiring

Mrs Kendal is Retiring

Dear Parents and Pupils,

It was five years ago when the Government decided to raise the age of retirement from 60 to 66. At first it felt daunting to know that I would have to work another six years before retiring and perhaps it would have been disappointing had I not been working at Alfriston School.

I remember well the day I started teaching at Alfriston in 1998. I had a huge grin on my face and a spring in my step. The path from Willow House was a short jog from the main school building. I had a huge challenge ahead of me to create and develop a Post 16 Department from scratch!

With the help and support of my wonderful colleagues, The Post 16 Department has gone from strength to strength and I have finally reached retirement age. I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of girls over the last 23 years. Of course, I remember them all but not necessarily all of their names!

My teaching career began in 1977 – 44 years ago. Things were a little different in those days but change can often be a good thing and it keeps us on our toes and up for a challenge.

Now that I’m retiring, friends ask me what I will do with myself. Well, I have a long list of things to do that I have never had time for before because I’ve been so busy. I will, of course, still continue to practise Mindfulness but now I might find it a little easier to sit and do nothing for a little while.

I’m grateful for many things in my life and one of them is Alfriston School. I still have a spring in my step and a grin on my face as I contemplate what excitement the future will bring.

Thank you – I will miss you all.

Janis Kendal