Important Notices

Important Notices


Friday 18th December 2020 – INSET Day

Monday 21st December to Friday 1st January 2021 – Half Term

Monday 4th January 2021 – INSET Day


Tuesday 5th January to Friday 12th February 2021 – Pupils in School

Monday 22nd February to Wednesday 31st March 2021 – Half Term

Staffing Update  

The time has come to say goodbye to Mrs Shorrocks who leaves us after 16 years at Alfriston.  We wish her lots of love and luck in her new role at Age UK, teaching older people to use computers. 

With Mrs Shorrocks leaving, we have had a few changes in our current staffing. 

Mrs Ayew is going to be leaving the Maths Faculty and moving to the Re Comm Room, where she will be stepping into Mrs Shorrocks’ (groovy) shoes, teaching PSHE, R&E and overseeing Pastoral and Behaviour. 

We welcome Mr Bull who is joining us initially for a term to teach maths and become 10D pastoral teacher.   

Mrs Denham will be with both 9A (2 days a week) and 10D (1 day a week) for pastoral. 

Miss Bale will be increasing her days with us, which is also fantastic and will be supporting 11S as much as possible. 

Hot news just in… 

Mrs Gildersleve has had a baby, a beautiful baby girl born on 12th December.