The Girl In The Red Dress

The Girl In The Red Dress

By Layla B

One spooky night there were three teenagers out celebrating Halloween. They had just finished going to the last house. The three teenagers were called Jake, Josh and Lisa. Jake is Josh’s brother and Lisa is their friend.

On the way back home Josh said, “Hey, let’s go into those woods over there for fun.” 

The other two weren’t very sure about it. Jake insisted he didn’t want to.

Then Lisa said, “Yeah, why not it will be fun.”

Then Jake said, “What if we see a ghost?”

The other two just laughed.

“Don’t be such a baby! Ghosts aren’t real!“ replied Josh. 

The other two said “come on, let’s go.”.

They all wandered off into the deep dark woods.

Who knows what they will find and if they will get out alive.

The trees were tall, dark, thin and narrow. It was so silent, it was like walking through a graveyard. It was so still. It was very spooky as they walked further into the woods. It started to get quite misty through the trees. It almost felt like someone else was following them through the shadows.

“Where are we going?” asked Jake.

“We are going to just follow the path I guess, until it ends” said Lisa.

“Yeah” said Josh.

“What about if we get lost and what about getting home?” replied Jake.

“Well we won’t get lost, we will just follow the path and we will go straight home after that.” answered Josh.

“What if we don’t find our way home?” asked Jake.

“Oh don’t be such a wimp.” said Josh to Jake.

Jake muttered to himself angrily.

So the three teenagers kept on walking, following the path. Then suddenly they all came to a halt. Ahead of them there was a divide in the path.  Although the path continued to the left, in front of them was a ‘No Entry’ sign, with tape wrapped all around it. It said ‘Warning Stay Away. DO NOT TRESPASS’! They all looked at each other for a moment.

Then Josh said, “I wonder what is in there?, we should go in there to find out.”  

“NOOOO! You can’t” said Jake.

“Why not? Are you scared Jake?”  

“No I’m not” said Jake.

“Yeah, what if someone finds out though?” said Lisa.

“No one will find out, plus it’s just for fun, just seeing what’s in there.” replied Josh.

“Well I don’t know about you two wimps but I’m going in there to find out for myself” said Josh.

“I’m coming too!” said Lisa. “You can wait here for us” said Lisa to Jake.

”Yeah, I’m not getting into trouble. You guys hurry up ok!”

“Ok, ok” said Josh.

So the two of them climbed over the fence. Josh went first, then Lisa.

There was broken wood everywhere and it was quite muddy too. Then there was a trail of droplets of blood all around them.

“What happened here?” said Lisa in horror.

“I don’t know” said Josh in shock.

They kept on walking to see where it came from.

Then out through the shadows came a girl in a red dress. Eyes cold like ice, red lips like a rose and skin like snow. She had a red dress on, she wore no shoes. Her pale face glared at them and her eyes were bleeding like a river.

They stared in horror.

“Wh.… what is that?” said Josh.

Then she screamed “ARRRRRRRRRRR”.

Then she ran towards them. Josh and Lisa ran for their lives. Screaming


They didn’t turn back, they keep on running for their lives. They both jumped over the fence.

“What’s wrong? What’s over there?” shouted Jake.

“Th… there’s a spirit girl” cried Josh.

“What!” cried Jake.

“Run you wimps” shouted Lisa.  “No time to explain” she cried as she ran.

They all ran for their lives.

Then out of nowhere she appeared, standing with her wicked grin. Jake froze in horror. The others shouted


Then in a flash she had bitten him.

“Jake!” cried the others. They ran just in time as he turned into a zombie.

“Grrrrrrrr” answered Jake.

Now it was only Lisa and Josh running. They managed to get away and they hid under a log. They were huffing and puffing. Lisa was sobbing hard. Josh was in shock.

“Wh… what have I done? It’s all my fault! My brother is a zombie now.” sobbed Josh.

“No it’s my fault too” cried Lisa.

“We shouldn’t have come here in the first place.” said Josh. “Jake was right all along.”

Then there was a rustle through the trees. Their hearts were pounding fast. Then Jake ran over to them. Josh legged it but as Lisa ran, Jake turned straight for her. In no time she was bitten. Now there was only Josh left.  

He ran faster than ever. Huffing and puffing until he slipped and fell down a huge hole. He twisted his ankle and he couldn’t get back up. It was so painful. He lay there in pain, waiting for the darkness to fall upon him.

Then suddenly he heard screams through the shadows. His heart started to race. Then there was complete darkness.

The End