Covid-19 Update 01.05.20

1st May 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),

The lockdown continues . . .   In the Prime Minister’s update last night, he said it was still too early to say when there would be any easing of social distancing measures but that plans were in place to restart the economy, reopen schools and enable people to travel to work safely.  Further information and detail is expected to be released during the course of this week.

As with all schools, re-opening will not happen overnight.  There are many decisions and considerations to be made, such as the capacity of staffing, how to manage social distancing, availability of facilities and services and managing a combination of home and school learning.

Staffing capacity is dependent on which restrictions are lifted and on individual staff circumstances.  Some of our staff are likely to need to continue to stay at home for shielding, vulnerability or self-isolation.  We will need to ensure that we can provide adequate staffing for pupil groups.

The supply of essential services such as catering, cleaning, maintenance etc. are less of a problem for us, and should be available.

Managing social distancing in the school will be a challenge, due to the nature of our pupils, and coupled with the design of our building with narrow corridors, small classrooms and restricted space.  Deciding on which pupils should be in and when will also be a consideration, taking into account individual pupil circumstances, staff availability and curriculum priorities.  This will likely be something that we can decide for ourselves, although the decisions will be made taking into account the Government advice that has yet to be given.

For the time being, we continue to operate as we have been doing for the past few weeks, and hope that you are all keeping safe and well, and able to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Yours sincerely,

Jinna Male