Young Voices

A few of the Alfriston Young Voices

By Amy H (Year 11)

We had rehearsed; we had learned the actions, the lyrics. We had all put our hardest in for this very special event.

Young Voices is one of the largest choirs and being part of that was a lovely feeling. All the school, all the 5 thousand and over people singing in harmony, dancing and having fun created a very tranquil atmosphere.

It was a wonderful opportunity which you should just take and grab because it is one in lifetime opportunity which could possibly change your life, maybe not only physically but mentally. We had a famous singer in Tony Hadley who can sing high notes very well which we sang a long with. We also had the Voice winner Ruti who was once in the choir when she was younger but now a professional singer. We had the duet band the Shires who worked very well together to produce lovely music with touching words.

It just felt like everything was lifted off my shoulders while I was singing my heart out and dancing to many songs which they chose so well!! (one eyed, one horn, flying purple peacock was my favourite)

It went too quick but we were all ready for bed by the end but I have so many happy memories from doing this choir. It was the end of “sound of success” which I am definitely doing next year!!!