Understanding our World’s Year10 Activity Week

Understanding our World is part of the Alfriston curriculum featuring Science, Humanities, R&E and Computing. Just before half term we held a week of activities for Year 10.

Firstly, there was a unit of work on Sustainable shopping and the girls were able to visit a local supermarket to consider packaging and food waste and recycling options. This is such an important topic right now and one the girls seem to be passionate about.

Next, they took part in a workshop to think about and practise public speaking. This was led by two of the girls who have already completed this training when they became Unite Ambassadors. The girls had fun reciting Humpty Dumpty in different tones and most of them felt it had boosted their confidence to speak up. Some of themeven decided to apply to be Head Girl next year and will be making a speech to the whole school putting their new skills to good use.

On Wednesday they went on a long coach trip to the Black Country Living Museum 

where they were able to step back in time as they wandered around old style stores and homes. Many of the employees there were in role and the girls enjoyed what they had to say.


Part of the experience was to sit through a Victorian school lesson where the teacher was addressed as Ma’am. The girls found themselves reciting the alphabet…backwards, and saw Mrs Shorrocks get the cane!






Later they went to a ‘Mining Madness’ workshop where they learned about the dangers of working down the mines and saw some spectacular demonstrations of what can happen when gases are present. It wasn’t all hard work though and the girls enjoyed fish and chips in the hand and a few fairground rides.




On Thursday they travelled by train to Oxford to visit the Botanic Gardens. They were met there by Sarah Lloyd who showed the girls around the hothouses and explained the importance of adaptability for survival. There was also time to enjoy the gardens and to take photographs on the iPads to answer specific questions they had been set. They also got to wander through the streets of Oxford gazing at the fabulous University buildings and took time out in Christ Church meadow to eat some lunch.















Finally, they spent time by the river Thames on Friday as they took part in the whole school sponsored event. It was a lovely day for walking and a really good opportunity to chat with different groups of people and be active. Thank you to everyone who has sent in sponsor money to help equip our new building.