Alfriston School

Alfriston is a day and boarding school for girls catering for pupils with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities, between the ages of 11 and 18.


We have some amazing girls in our school. All of them have talents, all have special abilities; albeit they may be in different fields or areas that other people may not spot instantly.


Beyond the academic, many of our girls have great talents in the more creative and practical areas. So subjects such as music, art and drama, can be areas where they can thrive, they can flourish, and they can succeed.


The goals we have for our girls at Alfriston are to provide them with the opportunity to develop the skills that they have, to show off their talents, and to be able to develop their self-confidence. So that our girls can believe in themselves, and so they know that they can do anything.

Alfriston Pool

Our award-winning architectural swimming pool opened its doors in September 2014. The pool is used for swimming lessons as part of a curriculum for Sports, as well as being a thriving space for the local community.

Performing Arts Studio

In 2020 we opened our new Performing Arts Studio. We have seen our girls dance, we have seen them sing, and watched their performance skills improve. The joy and pleasure they get from that really inspired us to do something more for them.