Feb 242016

Student of the Half Term
Congratulations go to the following students who were awarded Student of the Half Term for their
effort, commitment, contributions in class.

Year 7 Leia
Year 8 Molly
Year 9 Susannah
Year 10 Sophie H
Year 11 Georgia
Year 12 Tiffany

A huge well done to these girls who should be proud of this achievement and whose names are displayed in the English corridor.

Year 8 and Other Cultures!
Year 8 are looking at poems from other cultures this half term. First they will be looking at what makes British culture. For example fish and chips by the seaside or a roast dinner on a Sunday! If you have an object from another culture- bring it in to show your English class.

Year 9 and Texts Across Time
Year 9 are spending this half term looking at extracts written in different times for example the 1800s or 1900s. Do you have a favourite story from a different time? Do you have a letter or artefact from a different time? Bring it in to share with your English class.

Good luck to year 11
Year 11 are now in the final months of preparation towards either WJEC Entry Level qualification or WJEC GCSE Language. We wish them luck and encourage them to stay motivated in this time.

Home Learning
If your daughter is in Years 7-10, she will be receiving regular spelling and reading homework. Please support your daughter with these tasks. We suggest 10-15 minutes a day. Both these tasks make significant contributions to students’ progress.

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