Mar 122019

The Year 8 residential was a very fun experience for us. We went on this trip on the 27th of March. The teachers that came with us were Mrs Dickins, Mrs Stephens and some other teachers. We went to Woodrow High House and it was really fun. We went there to learn more about Team work. The bit that I enjoyed the most was having the Campfire and doing lots of climbing.

We did lots of Activities like low ropes, archery and a nightline. My favourite activity was the nightline we didn’t know where we were going. Also we had to do lots of difficult challenges on the way. WARNING, if you are thinking of going next year, you can get very muddy because we were mostly doing activities on the grass and some days it was raining, that was sad.




Now I am going to give you a quote by someone who enjoyed our residential. Annabel said, “My favourite thing was the Nightline”. I want to say something to the Year 7’s, you will have a fantastic time, think of all the effort the teachers put into this! I shared a room with Tiggy, Chloe., Tayla and Annabel. They were very good roommates. I can’t wait until the next residential – it was amazing. Thanks for reading!



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