Oct 262012

Dear Parents,

The school year is well under way and the new pupils have settled in well and are fast becoming used to our routines and expectations.  The girls are enjoying using the refurbished food technology room, and many have made positive comments about the refurbished toilet block too!  The hens have had an extension built to their run to accommodate the chicks (who are now as big as the others) and seem to be enjoying the extra space.

Plans are in hand to start the pool build in January 2013.  We know that this will cause some disruption, and quite a bit of mess, but the end     result will make it all worthwhile.  Hopefully, the build will be complete within the year and we can celebrate with a grand opening ceremony in Spring 2014, before diving in.

We were honoured to have several  special guests in the school last week, to join in with our tree planting ceremony courtesy of the Woodland Trust.  The girls can now enjoy watching a beautiful cherry tree growing in our  recreation area between the benches, providing shade in the summer and  blossom and fruit throughout the year.  We’d like to give many thanks to Lady Howe for coming along to help us to plant the tree, and to Dilys Machin from the Woodland trust for providing it.







 Now that the colder weather is setting in, may I remind you to ensure that your daughter has a warm coat with her name in it.  Coats should be in a plain dark colour, but hats and scarves can be any colour you choose.

 We have lots of activities and events planned for the run up to Christmas, and I hope to see many of you at the school during the term.  I would  like to thank all those of you who have supported our fund-raising activities, and who have attended the Friends of Alfriston events.

Kind regards,                             Jinna Male



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Mar 182012
Alfriston School - First Fun Run

Adrian Moorhouse, the former Olympic gold medal swimmer, opened the Beaconsfield Fun Run on Friday 16th March.  The event which is sponsored by Savills has been a regular event but it is the first time that we have joined in. The event will raise money for the schools involved; Alfriston, The Beaconsfield School and Beaconsfiled High and we will be putting our sponsorship money towards the cost of building our much anticipated swimming pool.

Mrs Male set the dress code in wearing a pink tutu and all staff and pupils followed her lead, including Mr Waterman, who ran the full 5km through the Hall Barn Estate with our elite athletes.  Other pupils followed an adapted course but everybody took part, participating to the best of their ability.

Well done everybody and we shall look forward to learning how much it has helped our Splash fund.


Alfriston School - First Fun Run

Alfriston School - First Fun Run