Jul 112012

When Abi signed up to join the Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills course with Mrs Shimmen, she wouldn’t have dreamt that it would lead to her running through Maidenhead carrying the Olympic torch. But that’s what happened!

Mrs Shimmen became aware that Jamie Oliver was sponsoring the Olympic Torch Relay and nominated Abi because of her enthusiasm for cooking using fresh ingredients which led led to her family adopting a healthier diet. There was much form – filling to be done but we were all delighted when finally the news came through that Abi had been accepted.

Her big day came this week when she took up the torch at 11.20am on Tuesday 10th July and ran through Maidenhead with the biggest smile you can imagine.

Y10 and ACE pupils turned out in force to cheer her on and to share her moment of glory. Although her sister said she was nervous at first, she was clearly excited to have the crowd looking at her and she engaged with them and waved like a true celebrity. Abi’s family were also there and they were all wearing Tshirts and hats and waving banners specially made for the day.

Abi’s mum said: “I’m really excited, I can’t believe it’s happening. She’s achieved so much and we’re so proud of her.” And so say all of us!

Well done Abi; you have made the London Olympics really special for Alfriston and given us a day to remember.


Abi and the Torch

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