Action for the Homeless

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Mar 262019

Unite Ambassadors carried out our second social action today.  We decided to raise awareness of homelessness in the local area and to make a collection of items needed to help people move in to new accommodation.

We decided to set up a ‘shelter’ on the playground with cardboard boxes and sleeping bags and invite pupils, staff and others to come and visit us there.  We were able to tell people that homelessness is more than just the street sleepers, with some people sofa surfing or using B&B rooms.


We were pleased that so many people came along and even more pleased that they donated so many items.  We collected them in a supermarket trolley kindly lent to us by Waitrose.  We were also grateful that two volunteers from Wycombe Homeless Connection came along to help us set up.

During the day we collected some thoughts from pupils.  Lots of them thought it would be cold and lonely on the streets not to mention uncomfortable.

We learned that most people are there through no fault of their own and that they deserved to be treated with respect.  We thought we could offer them a hot drink and tell them where to get help.  Some of us felt angry that so many young people are homeless and that their lives are so full of sadness and fear.

We were ‘homeless’ for just one day but hope that we have educated our peers and helped some homeless people settle in to a new place.



Alice, Louise, Claire, Chloe, Aimee

Thank you!

Fun at the Y8 Residential

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Mar 122019

The Year 8 residential was a very fun experience for us. We went on this trip on the 27th of March. The teachers that came with us were Mrs Dickins, Mrs Stephens and some other teachers. We went to Woodrow High House and it was really fun. We went there to learn more about Team work. The bit that I enjoyed the most was having the Campfire and doing lots of climbing.

We did lots of Activities like low ropes, archery and a nightline. My favourite activity was the nightline we didn’t know where we were going. Also we had to do lots of difficult challenges on the way. WARNING, if you are thinking of going next year, you can get very muddy because we were mostly doing activities on the grass and some days it was raining, that was sad.




Now I am going to give you a quote by someone who enjoyed our residential. Annabel said, “My favourite thing was the Nightline”. I want to say something to the Year 7’s, you will have a fantastic time, think of all the effort the teachers put into this! I shared a room with Tiggy, Chloe., Tayla and Annabel. They were very good roommates. I can’t wait until the next residential – it was amazing. Thanks for reading!



Learning to Blog

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Mar 042019

How to enjoy your first pet!

This is a blog that will help you when you get your first pet. I will tell you all of the top tips of having a first pet. Some people think that it is hard to have pets because they think that you will have to be hands on deck all of the time, but you don’t and it is all fun and relaxed.

Pets are fun, cuddly, fluffy and sweet. When you are crying, if you have a cat, then they will come up to you and they will sit with you and you can stroke them.

You should find information out about pets and make sure that you have spoken to your parents about it. Then you can start thinking about what animal you would like as a pet. Pets could be cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, guinea pig, Madagascar hissing cockroach, common leopard gecko, mouse, rat or a gerbil.

Top Tips:

> If you get a normal fish, then you could get a catfish as well.

> You will need to have a thermometer in the fish tank.

> If you want a dog, then you will need to get all of the things that you will need.

> If you want a cat, then you will need to have all of the things that you need.

> Annabel in Year 8 said, “Fishes are a great pet because they come in all different shapes, sizes and colour.”

The pet population in 2013 was 71 million and last year it only was 51 million.

There are 4,521 cats that have been abandoned in the UK and that is not nice and caring. If you go to an animal shelter, then you could get a pet there.

If you do, then you will be making a space free for another homeless dog or cat. There are 100,000 dogs that have been abandoned in the UK. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you have a try today!











How to get your first pet!

Some people are worried about getting their first pet but it’s not so bad once you bring it home and have it for a bit. This is a blog to help you think of a nice pet to get, like if you want a guinea pig or another pet that isn’t so hard to handle. Also don’t worry because they are lots of things to help! Why don’t you look for an animal that’s cuddly, warm and fun to play with?

You may have noticed that one of your family members has a dog but your mum says you can’t get one because they need a walk every day. Some animals like a hamster are fun to play with when they are settled in. Hamsters come in all different colour and size.

One pupil in Year 8 suggested that, “Looking after some fish can be fun and they are nice to look at.” I know many of you love animals but your parents wouldn’t let you have a pet, so a fish could be a good idea for you.

Top Tips:

-Choose one animal that you like

-Get the food for the animal

-Get the cage if you getting an animal that lives in a cage

-Get some toys for the animal so it has something to play with.

– Think carefully about everything so you are sure

Why not get a pet today and play with it?

By Annabel