Alfriston Pupils try Radio Controlled Racing Cars

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Jan 202016

The best RC racers from across the globe were there over the weekend  to decide the Reedy International Race of Champions 2016.  This event is  the biggest 1/12 event of the 2016 calendar with 94 entrants from over a dozen countries.  Support races were provided by the Porsche Carrera Cup, for 911 bodied GT12’s and F1’s, so there was plenty of varied action for all the RC racing community.

We were more interested in the ‘Have a Go’ track though and were delighted to have the chance to build and race our very own cars.

When we arrived we were presented with a bag of car parts, a few tools and a set of instructions.  It took a while to get our heads round it but eventually we had built 3 cars.  We had to take our cars to the scrutineer to be tested before we got the go-ahead to race them.  Soon we were all lined up on the track and the designated driver for each team took the controller and waited for the lights to change ( just like in the F1 Grand Prix!).  The Spanners were easily the winners leaving the Smarties miles behind and the Blue Flash team retired at the side of the track!

In the re-run, a handicap was imposed which saw the driver being blindfolded and guided by a team mate.  It made no difference and the Spanners won again.

We really enjoyed our racing and would like to thank everybody who made it possible, especially the team from Active Learning Support who assisted us throughout.CYxBKoqWkAAaiOl CYxGLKRWsAArHEJ CYyC0FXWMAEcLRF CYyDiRBW8AQbZE0


What’s going on in the English Department now?

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Jan 172016

The English Department in 2016

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a peaceful holiday and are refreshed for a 2016. Take a look at the low down for English this half term.

Student of the Half Term

Congratulations go to the following students who were awarded Student of the Half Term for their

effort, commitment, contributions in class or progress.


Year 7                 Elizabeth Mcguire-Wheately

Year 8                 Chloe Tuckwell

Year 9                 Melissa Donaghue

Year 10               Jemma McCarthy

Year 11               Kayla Chen

Year 12               Katie Lloyd


A huge well done to these girls who should be proud of this achievement and whose names are displayed in the English corridor.


Year 8 get blogging!

Year 8 are learning how to write to advise this half term and some will have the opportunity to show off their skills and talents by posting their advice on the school blog. Look out for new blog posts coming up!


Year 9 get reporting!

Year 9 are exploring journalism this half term. Some will have the opportunity to interview some of the staff who will be attempting the ‘3 Peaks Challenge’ to raise money for the school library. More information to follow this half term.


Good luck to year 11

Year 11 are now in the final months of preparation towards either WJEC Entry Level qualification or WJEC GCSE Language. We wish them luck and encourage them to stay motivated in this time.


Home Learning

If your daughter is in Years 7-10, she will be receiving regular spelling and reading homework. Please support your daughter with these tasks. We suggest 10-15 minutes a day. Both these tasks make significant contributions to students’ progress.


‘Where will your book take you?’:

Thanks to those who have already got started with this by handing in some great photos of you reading in original places. Keep an eye out over the next year and bring in your pictures! So far we have got as far as Portugal!


Here is a reminder of the project.


We are keen to see where your book takes you! Take a photograph of you reading your book in unusual places and hand in to your English teacher. This is an ongoing opportunity so keep thinking as you go out at weekends and on holidays. Check the board as you come up to English to see where books have taken other students and your teachers! How far round the world will we get?