Jul 192019

This year saw our first Friston Factor Competition take place. A true celebration of talent!

Ever since January, the pupils have been auditioning in secret during their lunchtimes. All of the girls who auditioned were amazing, not only for their performances but also because they managed to overcome their nerves and do so well.

Thirteen acts got through to the final and in a spectacular show of confidence and skill the girls all managed to shine on the stage.







Our overall winner this year was Esha with her amazing dancing.








I would like to congratulate Esha, all of the finalists and also all of the girls who have auditioned throughout the year.

Another treat on the day was the super steel pan performances from The School of Steel Pans and our Alfriston players. This was their first performance in front of an audience and they too were truly spectacular!

Any girls who would like to join our steel pan players need to choose this option for their blocks after Christmas.








Auditions for Friston Factor 2020 will begin in September, so why not spend the summer holiday getting those acts ready girls!


Miss Merison

Understanding our World’s Year10 Activity Week

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Jun 062019

Understanding our World is part of the Alfriston curriculum featuring Science, Humanities, R&E and Computing. Just before half term we held a week of activities for Year 10.

Firstly, there was a unit of work on Sustainable shopping and the girls were able to visit a local supermarket to consider packaging and food waste and recycling options. This is such an important topic right now and one the girls seem to be passionate about.

Next, they took part in a workshop to think about and practise public speaking. This was led by two of the girls who have already completed this training when they became Unite Ambassadors. The girls had fun reciting Humpty Dumpty in different tones and most of them felt it had boosted their confidence to speak up. Some of themeven decided to apply to be Head Girl next year and will be making a speech to the whole school putting their new skills to good use.

On Wednesday they went on a long coach trip to the Black Country Living Museum 

where they were able to step back in time as they wandered around old style stores and homes. Many of the employees there were in role and the girls enjoyed what they had to say.


Part of the experience was to sit through a Victorian school lesson where the teacher was addressed as Ma’am. The girls found themselves reciting the alphabet…backwards, and saw Mrs Shorrocks get the cane!






Later they went to a ‘Mining Madness’ workshop where they learned about the dangers of working down the mines and saw some spectacular demonstrations of what can happen when gases are present. It wasn’t all hard work though and the girls enjoyed fish and chips in the hand and a few fairground rides.




On Thursday they travelled by train to Oxford to visit the Botanic Gardens. They were met there by Sarah Lloyd who showed the girls around the hothouses and explained the importance of adaptability for survival. There was also time to enjoy the gardens and to take photographs on the iPads to answer specific questions they had been set. They also got to wander through the streets of Oxford gazing at the fabulous University buildings and took time out in Christ Church meadow to eat some lunch.















Finally, they spent time by the river Thames on Friday as they took part in the whole school sponsored event. It was a lovely day for walking and a really good opportunity to chat with different groups of people and be active. Thank you to everyone who has sent in sponsor money to help equip our new building.


May 202019

We are part of a programme to connect different schools again this year. As before we are linked with Beaconsfield High School and are providing opportunities for pupils in Year 9 from both schools to get to know each other and work together on short projects. So far we have met twice, once at the Film and Television School in Beaconsfield and just last week at “Becky High”.

At the first meeting we just got to know each other a little and spent time chatting and finding out names etc. At the second meeting the girls were reunited and happily sought out their partners to work in mixed groups. The Alfriston pupils were offered a tour of the High school and were struck with how big it is compared to here and they were very envious of the cafeteria system there.

The activities focused on rules and why we have them. It was fun to discover the rules from the two schools and to compare and criticise them. The girls also had a chance to write their own rules and to consider the mysteries of unwritten rules especially in relation to some of the difficulties facing young people on the Autism Spectrum.

It was great to see the girls interacting so readily with one another and these smiles say it all!

May 152019

What are Ecobricks?

Ecobricks are plastic bottles filled with lots of little pieces of plastic in it. They can be used as building blocks to make lots of cool things.

Who will make the Ecobricks?

The Eco ninjas will make these at lunchtime at Ecoclub.

Why make Ecobricks?

The reason the Eco ninjas are making Ecobricks is that they don’t want the plastic to end up in landfill or in the sea to harm the sea life.

How are Ecobricks made?

Ecobricks are made from 2L bottles and have little pieces of plastic inside them that has been cut up by using scissors and packed in using a stick.

What can you use Eco bricks for?

Ecobricks can be used indoors and outdoors. The things you can make with Ecobricks for indoors are stools, bookshelves and tables. The things you can make with eco bricks for outdoors are benches, a composter and a planter. Hopefully, in the future we can use these to make some exciting new additions to our outside areas!


By Honey

Action for the Homeless

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Mar 262019

Unite Ambassadors carried out our second social action today.  We decided to raise awareness of homelessness in the local area and to make a collection of items needed to help people move in to new accommodation.

We decided to set up a ‘shelter’ on the playground with cardboard boxes and sleeping bags and invite pupils, staff and others to come and visit us there.  We were able to tell people that homelessness is more than just the street sleepers, with some people sofa surfing or using B&B rooms.


We were pleased that so many people came along and even more pleased that they donated so many items.  We collected them in a supermarket trolley kindly lent to us by Waitrose.  We were also grateful that two volunteers from Wycombe Homeless Connection came along to help us set up.

During the day we collected some thoughts from pupils.  Lots of them thought it would be cold and lonely on the streets not to mention uncomfortable.

We learned that most people are there through no fault of their own and that they deserved to be treated with respect.  We thought we could offer them a hot drink and tell them where to get help.  Some of us felt angry that so many young people are homeless and that their lives are so full of sadness and fear.

We were ‘homeless’ for just one day but hope that we have educated our peers and helped some homeless people settle in to a new place.



Alice, Louise, Claire, Chloe, Aimee

Thank you!

Fun at the Y8 Residential

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Mar 122019

The Year 8 residential was a very fun experience for us. We went on this trip on the 27th of March. The teachers that came with us were Mrs Dickins, Mrs Stephens and some other teachers. We went to Woodrow High House and it was really fun. We went there to learn more about Team work. The bit that I enjoyed the most was having the Campfire and doing lots of climbing.

We did lots of Activities like low ropes, archery and a nightline. My favourite activity was the nightline we didn’t know where we were going. Also we had to do lots of difficult challenges on the way. WARNING, if you are thinking of going next year, you can get very muddy because we were mostly doing activities on the grass and some days it was raining, that was sad.




Now I am going to give you a quote by someone who enjoyed our residential. Annabel said, “My favourite thing was the Nightline”. I want to say something to the Year 7’s, you will have a fantastic time, think of all the effort the teachers put into this! I shared a room with Tiggy, Chloe., Tayla and Annabel. They were very good roommates. I can’t wait until the next residential – it was amazing. Thanks for reading!



Learning to Blog

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Mar 042019

How to enjoy your first pet!

This is a blog that will help you when you get your first pet. I will tell you all of the top tips of having a first pet. Some people think that it is hard to have pets because they think that you will have to be hands on deck all of the time, but you don’t and it is all fun and relaxed.

Pets are fun, cuddly, fluffy and sweet. When you are crying, if you have a cat, then they will come up to you and they will sit with you and you can stroke them.

You should find information out about pets and make sure that you have spoken to your parents about it. Then you can start thinking about what animal you would like as a pet. Pets could be cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, guinea pig, Madagascar hissing cockroach, common leopard gecko, mouse, rat or a gerbil.

Top Tips:

> If you get a normal fish, then you could get a catfish as well.

> You will need to have a thermometer in the fish tank.

> If you want a dog, then you will need to get all of the things that you will need.

> If you want a cat, then you will need to have all of the things that you need.

> Annabel in Year 8 said, “Fishes are a great pet because they come in all different shapes, sizes and colour.”

The pet population in 2013 was 71 million and last year it only was 51 million.

There are 4,521 cats that have been abandoned in the UK and that is not nice and caring. If you go to an animal shelter, then you could get a pet there.

If you do, then you will be making a space free for another homeless dog or cat. There are 100,000 dogs that have been abandoned in the UK. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you have a try today!











How to get your first pet!

Some people are worried about getting their first pet but it’s not so bad once you bring it home and have it for a bit. This is a blog to help you think of a nice pet to get, like if you want a guinea pig or another pet that isn’t so hard to handle. Also don’t worry because they are lots of things to help! Why don’t you look for an animal that’s cuddly, warm and fun to play with?

You may have noticed that one of your family members has a dog but your mum says you can’t get one because they need a walk every day. Some animals like a hamster are fun to play with when they are settled in. Hamsters come in all different colour and size.

One pupil in Year 8 suggested that, “Looking after some fish can be fun and they are nice to look at.” I know many of you love animals but your parents wouldn’t let you have a pet, so a fish could be a good idea for you.

Top Tips:

-Choose one animal that you like

-Get the food for the animal

-Get the cage if you getting an animal that lives in a cage

-Get some toys for the animal so it has something to play with.

– Think carefully about everything so you are sure

Why not get a pet today and play with it?

By Annabel

News from our Unite Ambassadors

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Feb 112019

As trained Unite Ambassadors we have been thinking hard about how we can make things better for young people. We are aware that many teenagers and younger children struggle to get their use of the Internet and social media right and that it causes a lot of friendship issues and upset for the girls in our school. So, when we heard about Safer Internet Day 2019 we thought that this was something we should highlight and promote to others.

We met to discuss our ideas and decided that we would raise awareness of this international event to the Alfriston pupils and to their parents. There was a lot of material available online to support us and we wanted to present it in a whole school assembly. We divided up the script amongst the five of us and began rehearsing. Meanwhile we each contributed ideas to a document which would give advice to parents. We wanted to invite the parents into school to listen to us but this wasn’t possible and so we decided to send the information home to parents in an email.




On 4th February we were ready to give our assembly to highlight Safer Internet Day on 5th February. However, we had a problem as the projector in the hall had lost its remote and nobody could turn it on. We had to think fast and improvise. We borrowed a white sheet from boarding and an antique projector was brought out of retirement. We also decided to make the assembly more interactive and made some True/False cards to find out how much pupils knew about the social media platforms they use. We told them about Big Data and how Instagram was being forced to change its ways following the death of Molly Russell.

Later that week we asked pupils to contribute their own ideas about how to make the Internet a better place and made a display of their answers. We made several tweets about this too on @alfristonschool









We hope that we have made a small difference and that our pupils know that it is their right and their responsibility to make the Internet better.

Next we want to highlight homelessness in our local community.


Aimee, Alice, Chloe, Claire, Louise

Feb 062019

A group of Alfriston students were invited to attend a Youth Voice event at The Hub in High Wycombe.

Eight of our students took part in a range of workshops and discussions with other school representatives. We were able to share issues and concerns that affect young people today and try to come up with solutions or ideas to help resolve these.

Topics which all the representatives thought were worthy of discussion were:

– Mental Health
– Staying safe
– Transport
– Ideas for teens (things to do)

Our ideas were then presented to the panel led by Youth services, Mind and the police force.

The girls came up with some great ideas for ways in which the youth services could evolve in the future, such as open air cinemas for the young and social spaces where they could gather safely with friends.

All the girls involved should be very proud of themselves, as am I.


Lisa Hance


Poetry at Alfriston

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Jan 222019

Alfriston school

Take students with some difficulties
And take some happiness
Then get caring teachers who can give them a smile
Remove negativity within the students and teachers
Add a huge swimming pool to the school
Then stir slowly to let them take some time to settle in
Mix it slowly as well to not rush them
Then take a blend of something special
Combine them together
And turn up the heat for it grow
Sprinkle in some kindness
Leave the ingredients to simmer.
As they mix and blend allow them to work together to flourish in to hard working people
Allow time to let it cool down so that everyone is calm and confident in their abilities
Add some people to help others to not be nervous or scared
Serve with some peace and friendly love
And enjoy

By Victoria



Alfriston School

Take creative students
And mix in some awesome teachers
Then put warm water in the swimming pool so that anyone can go in it
Remove all the nasty people
Add more classes that people like the most
Then stir smoothly
Mix in a calm place
Then take a blend of happiness and sadness
Combine friends and support teachers
And turn up the heat
Sprinkle English
Leave the ingredients to simmer.
As they mix and blend allow pupils to flourish
Allow time to play with family
Add a bit more time in the hall for P. E.
Serve with friendship
And enjoy

By Annabel